My personal fail blog

So…. I haven’t updated in a while. I figured since my life has started to fall apart again, maybe I should start writing about it. Heh.

Here are my updates since last time I was on here:

-Moved to Springfield MO

-Started cullinary school

-Got and lost 3 jobs

-Had multiple repairs done on my sorry sorry car

-Hated cullinary so switched to graphic design

-Got a beta fish from my boyfriend

-Got dumped by my boyfriend (on the same day)

-But made a few good friends in the process

-Still havent gotten my yellow belt in Kenpo, and probably wont for a while.

And that about covers it. Recently I’ve decided that I hate my life the way it is, so I’m gonna try and do something about it, but we’ll see how far that goes. I have a lot of goals to cover to make myself the way I wanna be. And it’s gonna take a lot of work. Hopefully I don’t Emo out on any of you and decide to stop writing or even trying to make my life better.

Any way, that’s about it. I’ll try and post again soon.